Meet Our Horses

Doc the horse
  • Chevron down Doc
  • This spotted draft is the “little guy” only in size! His big personality is infectious, and his intelligence is unrivaled in our barn. He is always happy to meet new people whether it be downtown or at the barn.

Phantom the horse
  • Chevron down Phantom
  • The only other boy in our herd, this big percheron is all about play time! He is the goofiest horse in our herd; he can be seen playing with the communal Jolly ball that we provide for our horses.

Prestige the horse
  • Chevron down Prestige
  • This pretty mare is very sensitive and likes a quiet, relaxed driver, though she is absolutely unflappable downtown. She is a Clydesdale, one of the most recognizable draft breeds in the nation.

Ripley the horse
  • Chevron down Ripley
  • The “business woman” of the herd, Ripley is the embodiment of the Percheron work ethic. She always enjoys being harnessed and going downtown, one of the many reasons she is treasured.

Roxie the horse
  • Chevron down Roxie
  • This brawny Belgian mare enjoys taking care of everyone around her. She makes sure all the horses are getting their fair share of hay, as well as being a confidence booster for her drivers. Slow and steady is her motto.

Rumor the horse
  • Chevron down Rumor
  • Belgians come in all shapes and colors, and this Belgian is blonde and sassy! She can be caught looking at herself in the windows downtown and she knows for sure she is the star of the show. Rumor makes a person earn her affection, but once they have, it is enduring.

Spirit the horse
  • Chevron down Spirit
  • We have had the pleasure of watching this percheron blossom from gangly three year old into a perfect fairytale dream horse. She is beauty, she is grace, and she would never win a race. Spirit is sweet, photogenic, and a staff favorite both in the barn and downtown.

Horse-drawn carriage
  • Chevron down Tara
  • There is much debate over whether this Clydesdale mare is more beloved for her looks or personality. She is not only striking to look at, but also has an extremely sweet demeanor. Nothing pleases her more than holding her head stationary for a timid child to pet and give her a kiss.

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